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Only a Vote for SNP Will Protect Scotland from Tory Cuts

New polls show only SNP can stop the Tories  Labour can’t win in Scotland,

Only a vote for SNP will protect Scotland from Tory cuts.

Polls from YouGov and Kantar have shown that only a vote for the SNP can

keep the Tories out in Scotland - and a vote for Labour simply risks

letting in Tory MPs by the backdoor.

The YouGov poll also shows Nicola Sturgeon as the most popular leader in

Scotland, with 49% of voters having a positive opinion of the First

Minister, compared to only 30% for Theresa May.

The figures make it clear that only by voting for the SNP on Thursday can

voters across Scotland stand in the way of the Tories, and help scupper

Theresa May’s plans for a majority.

Commenting, Na h-Eileanan an Iar’s SNP Angus Brendan MacNeil, said:

“These latest polls show the SNP in a strong position as we enter the final

days of the campaign, looking set to win a resounding victory in Scotland.

“But we take absolutely nothing for granted and will keep working hard to

make the case that only SNP MPs will stand up for Scotland.

“The polls also make it absolutely clear that only a vote for the SNP can

keep the Tories out.

“Labour can’t win the election in Scotland - and a vote for them simply

risks letting a Tory MP in through the back door.

“In two days’ time, voters across Scotland have an opportunity to stand up

for Scotland’s schools, hospitals, public services, pensioners and jobs by

rejecting the Tories’ extreme and dangerous plans.

“Now more than ever, it is vital to have strong SNP voices standing up for

Scotland at Westminster.”


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