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Allan Says Scotland Must Have Choice Over Future

Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MSP Alasdair Allan has said Scotland must now be allowed to choose what kind of country it wants to be. This follows the First Minister's announcement today that she will ask the Scottish Parliament to back the idea of a second independence referendum.


Alasdair Allan said that, despite lengthy attempts by the Scottish Government to find compromise, it was now increasingly obvious that the choice was between a Tory hard Brexit and becoming an independent country.


The move comes as the UK Government prepares to trigger "Article 50" and begins the process of leaving the EU.


Alasdair Allan, who is Scotland's Europe Minister, has said that it has become clear that the UK Government has no intention of respecting Scotland's 62% vote to remain in the EU. 55% of people in the Western Isles voted to remain in Europe.


Alasdair Allan MSP commented:


"Throughout the entire Brexit process to date, the Scottish Government has been consistent in its pursuit of a compromise with the UK government, putting forward substantial proposals for Scotland to remain in the single market - yet the UK government has rejected these and is pursuing an ever harder line.


"It is within this context, with the UK government intent on pursuing a damaging hard Brexit, and set to trigger Article 50 without communicating with the devolved governments, that it has become ever clearer that the people of Scotland must be offered a choice over our future.


"The Scottish Government will always stand up for Scotland's interests and we are intent on protecting Scotland's place in the single market. The people of Scotland deserve to choose, once the terms of Brexit are clear and before it is too late to decide our own path, honouring the manifesto pledge that we were elected on last year.


"Scotland now stands at a crossroads, and we cannot drift along for two years hoping for the best. We face the real prospect of right-wing Tory governments until at least 2030, and being dragged out of the EU and Single Market, with all the damage to our economy and society that will cause."

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